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Full Version: Warp core for a torp boat?
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What is the best core for a torp boat? I'm currently using the Temporal Phase Overcharged Warp Core for the CD ability and because the set is okay for my setup but I was wondering if there is anything better.

Edit: I should probably add that this is an EPG torp build.
This is a good guide on Reddit about EPG builds, which I've used on a few of my alts;

It recommends the Elite Fleet Isolated Protomatter Warp Core, but depending on the rest of your equipment, another very viable option is the Warp Core you are currently using.
I also use the temporal core for an epg torp build. When I get back to the house I'll screen shot the build for you

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This is what I'm working towards. Currently flying a similar setup in the mirror version of the ship. With these consoles the turn rate is much better than I expected and even without redoing my skills from my old DPS build yet the damage is pretty good. I'd probably do a lot more damage in an actual science ship but I really like flying carriers.