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Full Version: Ship Portraits
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When I manage to get a few days spare in a row I sometimes sit down and try my hand at painting. I'm by no means a master but I do enjoy trying to paint portraits for ships I've flown or worked on in game mods. I was wondering if anyone else in the fleet has done any STO or Trek related artwork? If so then please feel free to add it to this post below, I'd love to see what people have come up with!

This first offering of mine is of the 'Kepler' a Nebula Class I flew a long time ago.
Wow, that's incredible!

Definitely definitely have to make sure I send you those fortitude specs now!

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It pleases me that I have No 001 of 001 of the Limited Edition Print Run of that picture, its signed too!
An older, smaller portrait I did for my friend Ginni's Odyssey class starship, the 'Legacy'
This one was actually a recreation of some digital artwork I found online. It ended up as a present for Yasminkov in the fleet who has flown both the Defiant and the Akira classes so I still consider it valid for this thread ^^;