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Full Version: Fleet Commodore "responsibilities" vs. TP's real life
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Hello everyone,

as a Fleet Commodore I have responsibilities now, which is interesting if you take a much closer look at the rank overview.

So, I need to address that as my responsibilities are in conflict with my real life.

I am supposed to
  • recommend Commodores and below for promotion. This requires me to get to play with you and get to know you.
  • create events for other members to take part in.

The fact is, I live in Europe. Since the european membership is mostly gone, I stopped creating events as not enough people showed up for those. So, in order to get to know the most of you, I would have to be online during U.S. prime time hours or in the middle of the night in Europe.
As you can guess, this is not going to happen.

However, being one of apparently only two Fleet Commodores (after checking Academy and Legion rosters), the Commodores among you still need someone to recommend them.
Despite, my firm believe that you should have fullfilled post-revamp requirements for the rank of Commodore, I will recommend you anyway, because of this.

So, how do you get your recommendation from me? When your Stats on the Armada website shows you that only the recommendation is missing, contact me when you see me in-game. Who knows, I may create events for just that purpose. I will then invite you and a potential eye witness to your glorious actions to my ship for a talk. I'll verify your Stats and you can make your case of why you should be promoted. Based on that, I will give my honest recommendation.

Sounds weird? Yeah, it is, but at least I am willing to make it work for you somehow.

Live Long and Prosper
Does the updated descriptions make you feel better?

Sorry TP, I always forget how seriously and literally you take these things. It's an afterthought for me since we've always marketed ourselves as a casual fleet. Forcing members to play with each other and write recommendations if they don't want to definitely goes against that casual nature. I thought that was understood by all.
TP, I sympathise with your situation. Although I am much junior member of the fleet, I find myself unable to participate in many of the fleet event as I am in Asia. It does not help that I may be the only active memebr based here.
But like the Borg, I adapt.If i can make it I will make it.
And I can also contribute in other ways too.