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Full Version: My Hall of Commendation Hero's
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(03-06-2019, 03:36 PM)tobywitczak Wrote: [ -> ]Believe it or not that might be a clever if not insidious way to get people to play as a team.
In my personal experience, it doesn't matter what you write in the description. Why? Because almost no one takes a look at the Events calendar (or the weekly mail for that matter) and then they are totally surprised, when the host calls out that the event is beginning in ten minutes.
Guilty as charged. Part of it was my odd work hours, part of it was burnout (see current Pavho TFO) So as it was stated before a lot of it was log in, do your stuff, log out, and dont talk to anyone.

@Akula079 @Belgevain @realitymage#3138 @roninuta tend to be on earlier in the morning where I am

@arreden @coldfire473 @femerov#3092 and @jadzia8 @mikegolfechoyce @jamesbr @coolkirk1701  Tend to be the evening for me.

Then we have those at are more or less just weekenders.

So I guess my thought was instead trying to schedule a massive get together do something to promote smaller get togethers.

You have been doing this longer then I have been around, this is just my thoughts for a creative solution to an impossible problem.
Thanks for having me, and it was truly an honor to have been able to help you out!
I'd love to take credit for the five I joined in with, but there was a selfish part in that it helped me towards my ribbon completion, as well! 

It also went a long ways towards a) helping me learn the Borg ground missions and b) making me decide I'd rather eat glass than do them again for any reason other than helping a fleet mate. It's a real..shame? Let's use the word shame...that Borg ground missions aren't going to be required any longer.  Borg
(03-06-2019, 02:36 PM)tobywitczak Wrote: [ -> ]I am sort of bummed about Missing the Elite Badges...
General Korok Badge of Liberation
Elite Borg Disconnected (Space) <= Seriously no one ever did this according to the tracker?
oh we've tried several times when GeneralGaien (right SN?) was part of the fleet... if it wasn't for that damned Queen Diamond or the Undine dread running away to the other side of the map while we took out the Voth, we would've had them. I kinda do regret having to take a hiatus before we were able to get that down (or any of my other comms in progress), but with all my time being devoted to caretaking my uncle's turn for the worst in his final days against cancer, it is what it is...

(03-06-2019, 02:36 PM)tobywitczak Wrote: [ -> ]Michael Burnham Medal of the Mary Sue or Gary Stu Picard Facepalm
Must complete an Elite Mission, unequipped, making all other players do all the work but still getting credit.
Oh Toby.... ooh ooh Toby! ROFL
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