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Full Version: My Eng/Tac Tank Build
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Hello all....

Here is my current build:

If anyone has any ideas how to make it better I am open to suggestions!
Thank you.
I don't know enough about disruptors to offer any solid insight into the ship equipment you are using, but I do have some thoughts as to your skill point setup. 
The extra 6% you had in flight turn rate is essentially a wasted point in my opinion, it will be made up elsewhere most likely and even if it isn't, the increase is far too low to be worth that point when they are as limited as they are.
Shield healing and shield regen I have been noticing are also pretty pointless. In a fight the difference between healing 1500 shields and healing 2200 has been negligible at best for me. The same applies to shield regen, because shield regen is so low to begin with, increasing it has rarely made much difference. For example, a 40% shield regen increase on a 300 point shield regen, only brings it to 420. Any hostile will have no additional trouble taking out an extra 120 shield points.
I suggestively revised your build (only the skill point section) based on the rest of your setup here: