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Full Version: Stuck stats
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I noticed today after all the patch and log in problems that some of my stats are changed or stuck. My hull went from 106k to 93k and no matter how much I add or take away from crit chance or crit damage they are stuck at 19.5% and 82% respectively.  Am I bugged? Has anyone else noticed this?
Make sure you are checking your stats in a space instance (i.e. outside of ESD, Qonos, DS9, etc.) and not on ground for them to reflect correctly. I know the hull health was actually being erroneously reported as too high before the patch, it was fixed. Not sure about the crit chance/damage. Always best to check the official site for patch notes, like the ones from this week here:
Thanks for the response. It seems connected to the weapons. If I remove them and warp into another area mmy stats dont change. If I remove my consoles my stats change. It's as if the stats on my weapons dont count.
Weapon stats only work while they're being fired. For example if your weapon has +1% Crit Chance, that only gets applied when that specific weapon is fired.
Thanks! I never noticed that before.
The crit chance/damage stats you see for your character in space are your innate ones, which include any modifications from traits/gear unless they are weapon-based as Attilio mentioned or they are traits which only grant a boost when they have procced, in which case the stat page will update in real time when you are in combat for example.
All that the other say but to be clear:
your crtH and crtD that you see in the tab of your ship are modified only by consoles (and few other things). For instance, if you take out a vulnerability locator or an exploiter you will see the corresponding crtH or crtD decrease.
You will never (ever) see your crtD or crtH change in function of the weapon Mod, you will be able to see any effect only by using a combat log analyzer.