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Full Version: Commendations Needed/Wanted
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I would love to finish the following commendations, mostly because I've never tried them on elite!
  • Jean-Luc Picard Medal of Resistance
  • Kathryn Janeway Medal of Intrepidity
  • General Korok Badge of Liberation
I would also be totally up for the following:
  • Ground Warfare Specialist
  • Space Warfare Specialist
  • Small Craft Warfare Specialist
  • Borg Warfare Specialist
  • Expedition Specialist
These sound like fun, and I would love the help getting them knocked out before some of them go away (?).  

Anyone want to team up? I'm good for Fed or KDF.

*edited to correct lack of coffee based spelling
You still up for this? I only have the top 3, I beat them on advanced, and we might be able to slug though on Elite Only 2 days left LOL.