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Full Version: Huge booster for tank style gameplay?
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So...I recently made an interesting discovery. Now odds are since I am new and this game has been around for ages, I am not the first one to or even the thousandth one to notice this, but I'm excited about the prospects so I thought I would put this out there. In my current defensive style gameplay I use miracle worker as my primary specialization.

The Iconian Resistance rep traits for tier 1 and tier 2 include "Energized Nanites" and "Energy Refrequencer" respectively. These two skills do essentially the same thing only one is for ground and one is for space. 
  • Receive 2.5% of your outgoing damage as a Hull heal to you (up to 5x per second, and the number is actually more like 9.4%)
Now these heals are not large. They are not nothing, either. But apparently, these heals trigger a number of miracle worker specialization traits.
1. Frequency Refocuser: When using a heal gain +2% crit for 10 seconds. There is no cooldown for this, and since the iconian traits heal everytime you attack, this is now basically a permanent 2% crit increase.
2. Fix Em Up: Activating a heal grants you +30 all damage resistance rating for 10 seconds. There is no cooldown on this either which means that as long as you haven't stopped attacking for more than 10 seconds, you pretty much always have this as well.
3. No Risk, No Reward: When affected by a critical hit, or critical heal, gain +10% all damage for 10 seconds. Can stack up to 3 times for total of +30% all damage. They key to this one is the critical heal. The heals, even though they aren't large heals, from the iconian traits DO critically heal. Since another part of the miracle worker tree gives you +20% crit heal chance, getting 3 stacks of this takes a lot less than 10 seconds. You will always have at least +10% bonus damage and in most cases will have the full +30% at all times.

Which means that thanks to the iconian trait, the miracle worker bonuses you would normally have only here and there at best, are now active consistently and constantly for a bonus of:

+2% crit rate, +30 all damage resist, +30% all damage increase, small amounts of healing based on damage
And this would take place both on the ground AND in space.

What do you all think about this? Am I missing some big downside?
was anyone able to verify this info, sounds interesting, but with the lack of responses, especially from our resident DPS experts, I don't know...

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I have not tested it closely but it does seem to work, as I have those traits slotted on one of my characters - and I do seem to gain a lot of healing during ISA.
The trait certainly works, I usually use this on alts who are not kitted out as much as my main. However there are usually better options on a character approaching endgame content even for tanks. There are also DOFFs who do the same thing while APB is active for example.