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Full Version: Returning player Engineer Build Questions
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First, thanks for taking the time to read this, I do appreciate it.

I have been away from STO for a while due to medical issues. Returning now to a very different game then when I left.
So I am wanting to build a Tank/DPS Engineer using only free stuff. I have never, ever, gotten a lockbox ship (tried like mad but never have), so I have to rely on the ships and equipment I can get for free in game.
Ok, here are my goals.

1. Which is the best FREE ship for Engineers?
2. What is the best build for the Engineer I want skill-wise and bridge crew skills well?
3. What are the best traits to use?
4. What is the best Free Gear setup I can use for the ship?
Thanks so much in advance and I hope you all can help me. Big Grin
Okay in terms of free there is only the event ships at T6 (like the one right now for Q's omega particles). T5 there the annual give away in the anniversary (you just missed that). However, if you have the time and patients you can get everything you want in the game without spending money. It just takes a lot of time and patients. Basically, farm dil then use the exchange convert to zen - buy ships in zen store/ buy lock box keys (and sell them!). Do not fall into the trap of opening lock boxes hoping for a ship - you are best opening those only if you want the rest of the stuff that drops. You can buy lock box ships on exchange but prices tend to be around 200m ec.

I can not really help with engineer and tank builds as I focus on Tact DPS builds. But in terms of free gear. First off Collony Shield [Elite Fleet Channeling Covariant Shield Array Mk XV [Cap]x2 [ResAll]x2 [TacCD]]and Deflector [Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflector Array Mk XV [ColCrit] [EPS] [HullCap] [Sh/HullCap] [ShdHeal]]. Then there is the reputation gear all of which is good I use [Prevailing Fortified Impulse Engines Mk XV [SecSpd-2] [Spd]] and [Prevailing Fortified Warp Core Mk XV [AMP] [WArrowS]] Which is from the competitive rep.

Weapons wide section of good weapons -some from missions and rep others you can save up and buy off exchange or you can always use the fleet store. I use disruptors and use the Nausicaan Disruptor set, Terran Beam Array (rep) and Sensor-Linked Disruptor Beam Arrays with Omni's (House Martok Disruptor/ and either crafted omni or Sensor Linked) and Kinetic cutting beam (Rep).

Hope that helps to get you started.
I am almost 61 so I will get the t5 token just disappointed at only 3 ship choices for Fed.
(01-29-2019, 10:48 PM)Outbackedave Wrote: [ -> ]I am almost 61 so I will get the t5 token just disappointed at only 3 ship choices for Fed.

I was not at all pleased with the vice admiral token ships, I actually ended up keeping the previous ship I had chosen. I play as an engineer, and I recently spent a few million energy credits to buy a voth bastion cruiser off the marketplace while I wait to be able to afford the Paladin Battle Cruiser and Fleet Paladin Battle Cruiser.

I chose the voth ship because it offers a free instant upgrade from T5 to T5U, and I can easily use it until I get the ship I really want. It's a highly defensive ship so it runs great as an engineer, might be worth looking into for you as well.
This is what I have been using, It is a “Full Engineering” build (i.e most points are in the eng tree, not a tac or sci tree.) Its been working for a while now. It not the highest DPS, but definable survivable.