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Full Version: Superior & Improved Starship Traits from Specializations missing
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So based on Temporal Agent and Gamma Recruit rewards, we get superior version of the primary Captain Specialization Starship traits and improved ones from the secondary Specializations. Somehow, I can't find them all on my KDF-allied Romulan Engineer.

Since I don't know, if that is a faction- and/or career-related issue, I take the liberty to supply the full list (just to be sure):

Command: Superior ... / Improved ... / Command Frequency
Intelligence: Superior ... / Improved ... / Predictive Algorithms
Pilot: Superior ... / Improved ... / Pedal to the Metal
Temporal Op.: Superior ... / Improved ... / Non-Linear Progression
Miracle W.: Superior ... / Improved ... / Going the Extra Mile

Commando: Improved ... / Demolition Teams
Strategist: Improved ... / Unconventional Tactics
Constable: Improved ... / Arrest
Thanks, this should be good now.