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Full Version: New Player Needs Helps With DPS/Drain Tactical Build
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I'm a new player who just recently joined the STO Academy fleet, and I'm in need of help with a build for my tactical spec character. Right now, I'm being shot down as many as three times per map in most story missions and I'd like to change that. My character is max level, but I don't have the resources to craft decent gear for my character's ship and away team.

I'd like a hybrid DPS/Drain build, if that's viable. I know Drain is usually more for science-based characters, but I've seen other hybrid builds on other sites and was wondering if it would work for me. I'm flying a Tactical Star Cruiser (T6) ATM, if that's helpful

Can anyone help me out, here? Huh
Are you on PC? If so I can help make you some better equipment? Not that familiar with Cruiser builds myself though.
I am indeed on PC. Thanks for your offer of help. Big Grin

If my proposed build would work better on a different ship type, then don't be afraid to suggest it, I've got a lot of tier 6 ships unlocked on the C-store, so I can switch ships without too much fuss.

My character handle is [email protected]#1689 if that's helpful.. though I don't know if I'll be able to log on today, I've got a lot to do here at home. Undecided
It would be helpful also if you could fill out the skill planner and post it on here so we can see what you have currently and what improvements might help. I am good with Tactical side of stuff but not with any science so I can't really help much with the specifics of drain builds I am afraid.