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Full Version: PSA: Do NOT claim a T6 reputation until the next patch
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Cryptic has removed a fix, that was the cause of the rubberbanding recently. Unfortunately that removed fix related to T6 reputations. Here is the official statement:

Quote:Hey folks,

We've been looking into the lag and rubber banding issues in the game, and determined the cause. Unfortunately, the cause was a fix we'd put in place to fix an entirely different bug - that Captains were getting their skills invalidated by claiming Tier 6 reputations. Because the lag is a larger issue throughout the game, we've decided to remove the previous fix as of a few minutes ago. This means that until our next update, where we'll be instituting a fix that should solve both problems, you should avoid claiming a Tier 6 Reputation. We apologize for the inconvenience - the fact that these two things are even related is mind boggling, but that's coding for you.
Thanks TP!
very useful info, thank your post
I believe this issue is now fully resolved.
thanks for the heads up , TP
Closing thread as issue resolved