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Full Version: BOFF Ground Abilities Optimizing.
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I am looking at optimizing ground BOFFs and I am looking for suggestions that can hopefully be integrated as part of a new player guild. The goal is to provide a ordered guideline (from best to worst) on BOFF ground party builds for BOFFs that were acquired as part of the Tutorial or In-game rewards*.  With Abilities that can be acquired from a Bridge Officer Trainer at one of the Fleet Holdings

Please provide your suggestion on

* Note some In-game rewards are time limited, but they do come back in reruns. For more detail see:

Sample Suggestions e.g.
  • Nelen Exil (1)
    1. Electro-Gravitic Field I
    2. Sonic Pulse I
    3. Hyperonic Radiation I
    4. Hyperonic Radiation II

Bonus: Same BOFFs, but any Abilities that can be used by that BOFF, even if it requires Specialization Qualification or acquiring training manual not provided by a fleet Bridge Officer Trainer

For my away team, I trend to run with Engineers as you can quickly create a small fortress with A shield Generator, Health Regen, multiple turrets and a minefield. Given a few seconds setup time then can usually solo most missions with minimum input from myself.


This Guide on the STO Builds reddit may help: