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Full Version: Commendations Improvments
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In the commendations view on
Is it possible to get a mouse over to the Commendations from so we don't have to flip back and fourth? Even a link directly to the commendations on the previous page will work

Space Warfare Specialist and Ground Warfare Specialist should list which missions are acceptable
This was done for the Borg Warfare Specialist
• Infected: The Conduit
• Infected: Manus
• Khitomer: The Vortex
• Khitomer in Stasis
• The Cure Found
• The Cure Applied
• Hive Onslaught
• Into the Hive
• Borg Disconnected

Ideally on the commendations for the user, list all the Specialist events and then check them off.

Also I know that you are not adding more Specialist Commendations at this time, but a good one might be add a Cooperative Storyline Player for the following missions.

Fed Only
  • Stranded In Space
  • The Doomsday Device

Rom Only
  • The Price of Neutrality

  • Duties of Command

Romulan Mystery
  • Mine Enemy
  • Frozen
  • Coliseum
  • Cutting the Cord

The 2800
  • Second Wave
  • Of Bajor
  • Operation Gamma
  • Facility 4028
Moved thread to "Fleet Suggestions" forum.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add them to my list but I don't know when I'll have the time to work on them. Maybe a link to the commendation might be the easiest approach right now.
Thanks for the follow-up, your 1000% better then Cryptic when it comes to suggestions follow-ups. I think the only confirmed suggestion I made, that made it into the game, was when they were updating the KDF Spacedock. I hijacked the thread and asked them to add in a bank console. Sure enough it was added about 2 updates later.
Very good ideas - my work around was to put everything into a spreadsheet and tick that off.
I do have a spreadsheet for that, and funny enough, while not quite a spreadsheet