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Full Version: Wish I Knew Before.....
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So as a returning player....who of course forgot anything he knew about this game. I am blowing things up and then devoting some time trying to figure things out. Actually starting to train bridge officers...who knew? Multiple questions have come up, like do +damages in consoles stack? +11 damage console and +7 damage console = +18 damage? What missions besides the follow the breadcrumb story lines do you think need to be run and where do you get them?

In this manner share what you have learned that you really wish you had known when you started. Remember this is geared towards those of us with less knowledge to learn from so locations or how to get missions etc would be nice.


I wish I had known earlier, that the DOFF Assignments in the Undine Space Battle Zone are awesome to level the Duty Officer Commendations. They have a weird cooldown, though. Something around 36 hours or so.