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Full Version: Suggested Changes for Fleet Ranks/Rewards
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I was chatting with TacPaddy_stoa in STO before I was disconnected because of a network outage. Anyway as a follow up to what I was discussing… sort of…

Suggested name/rank changes to make it bit more clear. I guess there is an in game limit of 8 ranks. The names just map up a bit more nicely with the Star Trek Cannon Ranks, just add "Fleet" in front so it is clear this is a fleet only rank.

Commander Arrow Fleet Ensign
Captain Arrow Fleet Lieutenant
Fleet Captain Arrow Fleet Commander
Commodore Arrow Fleet Captain
Fleet Commodore
Commodore-in-Chief Arrow Fleet Rear Admiral (reserve)
Vice Admiral Arrow Fleet Vice Admiral
Fleet Admiral Arrow Fleet Admiral

When it comes to the Fleet Bank rewards, I think for the later ranks it should be increased. The Commodore and Fleet Commodore so why should I push myself to go for Fleet Commodore?

Commander Arrow Fleet Ensign
  • Training Manuals: 0
  • Health: 1
  • Space Items: 0
  • Ground Items: 0
  • Crafting: 1
  • Resale: 1

Captain Arrow Fleet Lieutenant
  • Training Manuals: 1
  • Health: 5
  • Space Items:  5
  • Ground Items:  5
  • Crafting: 20
  • Resale: 5

Fleet Captain Arrow Fleet Commander
  • Training Manuals: 2
  • Health: 10
  • Space Items: 10
  • Ground Items: 10
  • Crafting: 35 Arrow 40
  • Resale: 5

Commodore Arrow Fleet Captain
  • Training Manuals: 2 Arrow 3
  • Health: 15
  • Space Items: 15
  • Ground Items: 15
  • Crafting: 50 Arrow 70
  • Resale: 5

Fleet Commodore
  • Training Manuals: 2 Arrow 5
  • Health: 15 Arrow 20
  • Space Items: 15 Arrow 20
  • Ground Items: 15 Arrow 20
  • Crafting: 50 Arrow 100
  • Resale: 5

Finally when it comes to the Captain Promotion Test, maybe this should be two tests, a Fleet Lieutenant where it covers code of conduct and who’s who, and then a latter Fleet Captain should cover more about online communications and how events should be conducted or something like that.

Well thats my two cents.
Moved to Fleet Suggestions forum.

Thanks for the feedback, its appreciated. We recently made some changes to the ranks (after many days of discussion) so I don't think we'll be making any additional changes anytime soon. There are other initiatives which the Admiralty is focusing on.

The Fleet Commodore rank has the same bank benefits as Commodore because most people who earn that rank really do not need the items that are in the bank. There are two key differences between Commodore and Fleet Commodore which I think answers your question "why should I push myself to go for Fleet Commodore?"

  1. Commodores are eligible to be Acting Vice Admirals. Fleet Commodores are eligible to be Vice Admirals. Details about the main differences between these will be coming soon.
  2. Fleet Commodores have the ability to create and add events to the fleet calendar. No other lower rank has this ability.
As for the test, there really aren't enough questions to ask that would require two tests. The purpose of the test is not to see someone's level of knowledge but to encourage them to find the information on our site so in the future they know where to look. One test is sufficient for this.
Not a problem, My only real reason for the bump in rewards is many I have a new goal for my BOFFs which is to get all the Bridge officer and kit abilities for all my unique BOFF, Occasionally there are a few training manuals I have to pickup across many days. Yeah I know i should just Blow the EC and get all the abilities but hey I tend to clean up and organize the fleet bank when looking for filler items.
Understandable. The limitations in the bank are there to make sure everyone has an equal chance at the equipment.