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Full Version: Winter Wonderland Hints
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There's a program called JitBit Macro Recorder and you can download it here:

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Download the macro file and you can play it back with JitBit. It will ask how many times to play it back and I type something like 100 or 1000. Be sure you are standing at a snowball pile before you start the playback. It will automatically have your character dig for snowballs and other treasures.

Download the macro here:

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Also, in regards to the snowman fight; be sure to start the fight on one of the most populated instances. When you finish the fight, bring up the map and change to the least populated instance and you can run the fight and get prizes at least a second time.

I run a similar program to help gather snowballs, but find that the attacking snowman usually knock me off the pile when they appear.

I think knockback happens when the snowmen crit?

Is there tech that could help with that? Do the skating boots provide a resistance to cold? Maybe that would help. Do they equip to a device slot? We don't have a boot slot....

I guess you could fire off the Winter Tribble, but I assume it doesn't last very long....
(And has a long cool down.)

Maybe I could add firing the Winter tribble to the script?

It would be nice to find a place to gather snowballs with no spawning snowmen nearby, but I assume Cryptic thought of that, and they have the snowmen attack to stop people from staying logged in all night and digging snowballs.
I don't think there is anything that can prevent that so you really can only farm 30 min at a time
30mins at a time isn't awful, and if you do participate in killing the snowmen, when you kill the huge one you do get some of the commodities, so all in all, when you think about it, its alright
I found a few things on the PWE forums:

How is it cheating to use a program to press a button repeatedly for
you? Cheating implies a victim. Who is a victim when a person is using
a macro to farm ornaments?

It's not cheating, it's not an exploit. I don't understand why
everyone is shaming those who use macros.

Looks like using a script does not break the literal rules. This is the closest entry:

10. User Conduct

You must observe these Terms, all Rules of Conduct, all applicable
laws and all basic rules of etiquette and common courtesy when using
the Website and the Service. Any conduct that violates the law in an
offline, real world community is also a violation of these terms. PWE
will not tolerate any illegal or offensive conduct.
Without limiting the foregoing, in addition to the User Content rules
set forth in Section 10 above, you agree not to take any of the
following actions:

(k) Cheat or utilize unauthorized exploits in connection with the
Games or the Service;

I found a spot that gives you a better chance to continue to dig through the snowman attacks.

If you walk out of the gazeebo, toward the PvE race queue, then follow the outside of the track to the left, you'll see a snowpile behind a bench. If you kneel your character down between the bench and the snowpile, it wedges you in, so the snowmen can't move you around very much with their knockback crits.

Also, get a Winter Tribble, which gives you resistance to knockback and cold attacks.

I added a line to my script so that every 360 times it runs (about a half hour) it kicks off the Winter Tribble (which lasts 1 hour.)

Seems to work pretty well.

We will see if they change things this Thursday with the patch. But as we are not doing anything wrong, I don't think they will worry about it.
It's not perfect.

I still got knocked back on the first snow-man attack.


Playing on and off (mostly afk) for a 24 hour period, I was able to gather the following with the above method. Seems to work pretty well.

70 Ear-muffs, 66 ornaments, 53 candles, 45 incense, 29 Beads, and 25 Bells.

Now I can contribute to projects and get some items from the vendor.

Post if you have found a better way, or any tips.
A little warning for those of you doing this method. After today's patch more snowmen spawn which means there is a greater chance that you'll get knocked back and away from the snow piles. So if you are doing this then I suggest checking your character every half hour otherwise you'll be wasting time if you aren't near the pile.
So, big question is if we can still harvest winter commodities while gathering snowballs this year?

I hear those Warp Cores won't pay for themselves!

Picard Facepalm
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