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Full Version: NewbNoob torp project
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O.k., taking an old beam barge and messing around with my first serious[sic] torp boat.  It's kind of fun, but looking for some feedback.  Probably won't ever sink MASSIVE ec into, so thinking along the lines of an above-budget build.  Probably keeping to the photon or kinetic heavy side w/ maybe a rad torp. or two WHO KNOWS?!?!  This was a drain-y type beam build so I do have some drain stuff, so will probably keep that flavor in my build.

Currently working on marks/rep proj. to get the piezo torp, terran torp and some AMACO space set gear (I hear the two pc. is most desirable).  Also looking to add the Martok dis Omni in place of KCB once I run that mission. Martok omni acquired.  I also have a few other torps in my inventory - PEP, Bio-Mol rep torp, Delphic lobi torp.

I do have other ships, just using the one I see talked about quite a bit for torp boat - but have sci ships, T6 command cruisers, battlecruisers , delta ships and temporal dread cruiser/MMV/Raider combo
Well, alright! My ship is PERFECT! LOL

I know, I know, I need to get my signature thingy updated...
I have never built a torp boat so I could be wrong here but I would imagine you do no not want to mix beams with it as you lose the bonus of locators/exploiters. I have no idea what people slot in the rear though. Have you had a look at some of the builds on Reddit?

You will want fleet exploiters/locators depending on what else you have slotted as to which you need - I tend to go with Vulnerability Locators as I gain Crit Severity through other consoles and means.
Check out Hassel's Youtube channel... he has some insane builds there that might give you some ideas on what to put where.... or at the least get an understanding of why what goes where.