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Full Version: 1st Exterritorial DOFFing Event
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm going to host the 1st EDE ("Exterritorial DOFFing Event").

What is an EDE? The EDE allows Players with Diplomatic / Marauding Commendation Rank below 3 to do DOFF Assignments in Areas that are normally inaccessible. This useful to gain extra DOFFing experience and to finish the Colonization Assignment Chains.

I will start in the "Heart of Klingon Space", the Omega Leonis Sector Block. After that I fly to the Klingon Exploration Clusters. Then I return to Sector 001, so that Klingon Players can do DOFF Assignment in the "Heart of Federation Space", followed by the Delta Volanis Cluster.

Timetable (Start is Dec 1st, 1700 CET)

Klingon Space (useful for Starfleet Officer)
Start +0h 00m: On Station in Omega Leonis Sector Block.
Start +0h 15m: On Station in Azlesa Expanse
Start +0h 30m: On Station in Eridon Nebula
Start +0h 45m: On Station in D'Kel Star Cluster
Start +1h 00m: On Station in T'Ong Nebula
Federation Space (useful for KDF Officers)
Start +1h 15m: On Station in Sirius Sector Block
Start +1h 30m: On Station in Delta Volanis Cluster
Start +1h 45m: The 1st Exterritorial DOFFing Event is concluded.

I will keep you informed during the Event using the "Call Tuffli" channel. I hope, you won't miss this opportunity.