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Full Version: STO Academy Summer Party
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Hello gang,

It was brought up during TP's Maquis Raid event as to whether or not we will be having our annual Summer Party on Risa this year. I would be willing to set it up if there are currently no plans for it. Please let me know so I can get something going.

I was thinking of doing it before/after this month's meeting, but feel free to host another.
I want to join a party....

just ring the bell and I will join in...
Thanks for the party fleet. Borg Hide and seek was a good laugh.
Yes it was a good event Smile
I did not have fun.. :|
I missed it Sad
It was certainly loads of fun. I'll try to schedule another one, but if anyone wants to host a summer party please go right ahead!
It was a great deal of fun. If you schedule another, hopefully it can be longer and involve more activities. Also more time to harass Mal. Party pooper. lol
SO what did Mal do or didn't do?
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