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Full Version: Character Themes
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I'm sure i'm not the only one who's done this, but here are the themes I have made for my characters:
D'vorak-Earth composers/bandsmen (USS Jerry Goldsmith, USS Glen Miller)
Reynolds-Earth scientists/doctors (USS Clara Barton, USS Nightingale)
One-Federation Presidents (USS zh'Tarash, USS Nanietta Bacco)
Devna-Orion women (IKS Navaar, IKS D'Nesh, IKS Maras)

What are some themes you guys have made on your toons?
I don't have too many.

My main Attilio is my Vulcan/Human with a long history
I have Eight who is my liberated Borg, and his goal is to take down the Borg.
I recently created Rakess, a Ferasan pirate whose story I plan on building up

That's pretty much it


My toons (that I actually use) all bear variations of my RL name. Not really imaginative, I know. Big Grin