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Full Version: Duty Admiral on June 5th?
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I got a question for the Admiralty. Will there be an Admiral on standby in order to promote all those newly added Jem'Hadar toons? Just asking, because I have already a shopping list for mine after he contributed thousands of Dilithium. Big Grin

Live Long and Prosper
As always, we'll promote characters when we're available.


(05-29-2018, 02:38 PM)Attilio Wrote: [ -> ]As always, we'll promote characters when we're available.
Damn. I was hoping that someone of you would be like "I'm free that day anyways, I'll take care of it." Big Grin

Well, can't be helped then. Thanks for the quick response.
I might have most of that day off work so I will try (and that is a "try") to be around as much as I can circumstances permitting.

I would just remind everyone to invite their own characters to the fleet they want them in if they can, if not we can deal with these request via in-game mail which is no problem

**Please don't clog up the fleet invite request on the armada website!

As for promotions please be patient as we will likely have a lot to get through. Usually these are done as normal with our regular roster uploads but I imagine we'll do these a couple of times on the day.

Please be realistic with your requests as we are only human Smile