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Full Version: New Romulan Area
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Just wondering if anyone has any good tips on where to get the items for the Romulan/Omega projects from?

I normally jump in to a Tuffli for the commodities, but then I have to go to a main base (normally ESD for Monty, Qo'nos for Mon'T) which is a pain then as I have to trek back to the Romulan area.

It's the same for getting the ship repaired and other useful things - it seems that there isn't anything in the area that is good for that.

I imagine they pictured the embassies being used for that, but I think we're a way off (especially on the KDF side!) from being there.
For commodities you can use your replicator. The button is in your inventory.

The other items (hypos, regenerators, etc.) you can buy them at pretty much any station.

Buy components to repair your ship so you don't have to return to a station every time.
Cheers, Attilio.

I tried to avoid the replicator as it was costing a lot in ECs before the latest patch - not so bad now though.

It's just a shame that there aren't any bases in that sector until the Embassies are levelled up a wee bit.

Until then I guess it's not a million miles to go. I could also buy in bulk following your idea of unlocking all the tiers before unlocking any store items............