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Full Version: aux2battery builds any good ? of so here is a vesta build
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please can you tell me what are your veiws on aux2battery builds ?

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They are excellent if
1. you can get the duty officers for them (ie. multiple technician duty officers which lower cooldowns upon activation of AtB - the better quality the better, I can't think of the right amount off the top of my head)
2. you feel like spamming your skills like a lunatic
3. you get benefits from running lots of different skills rather than several copies of the same.

That build looks fine.
(I'm sure I've outlined this in other topics...)
Am I missing something here? I don't see any specifics.
Basically, if you can afford/get hold of 3 Purple Technician Duty Officers, upon activation of Aux to Battery (which chucks your aux power into the other subsystems, making you crap at healing and some science powers for a bit), the doff effect will lower the cooldowns of anything else by 30%. 30%! That's huge. If you run two copies of AtB that basically knocks everything back to the minimum cooldown.

For the Vesta, you can pair it up with copies of Viral Matrix for basically continuous aux-independent single person shutdown, or spam tractor beam repulsors, or whatever.
ChaucerIngram1 Wrote:Am I missing something here? I don't see any specifics.

The Vesta is literally the most powerful Science ship available. Dual Heavy cannons alone bring it close to escort levels of damage, plus you have all of the high level heals and CC.

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To make it OP effective, use an aux to bat build and make all your abilities global. If you dont know what an Aux2Bat build is, its the latest craze in the queues.

The main weakness is that you dont have much Aux power to use heals effectively. Theres ways around that, but this isnt a guide.

all thanks for this build goes to hyprodimus

I have read up aux2bat build looks like there being used by a lot of cursers/ eng captains