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Full Version: Happy First Contact Day!!!
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On behalf of the Admiralty I'd like to wish all of you a happy First Contact Day! In 45 years from now Humans and Vulcans will make contact. So enjoy the celebrations of the future event that hasn't happened yet but we know about because it has happened but in the future so really hasn't happened... I hate temporal mechanics.

Just enjoy Magic Carpet Ride
haha thanks Attilio
Belated Happy Freeloading-Vulcans-Gatecrashing-A-Party-In-Search-Of-Free-Booze-And-Girls Day!

And it took a few tries, but finally won the rocket building contest...

I was doing the event when both me and this other random guy went into perfect sync with our dance. Enjoy the animation!
(04-10-2018, 07:40 AM)Nyxadrill1962 Wrote: [ -> ]Where IS that dance from! I've seen it several times now during the event lol

I also seem to remember Terry Crews doing the same dance in Brooklyn Nine Nine Smile

Do the Carlton! /emote dance_unusual

i kinda wish they let us explore the area a bit longer, or at least let the whole song play out lol