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Full Version: vesta build suggestions ?
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After looking at the boff lay out for the vesta, i remembered cygone's build was the same boff layout, I know i will have to change afew things any suggestion or should i keep it the same ?

please post your views thank you

forgot to add im a sci cap at the moment i have

3 aux cannons : fore
prototype wide arc quantum torpedo and 2 beam arrays : aft

but im thinking of change back to the wepons in comes with as standed

please post your build and skillplanner if you can
thank you
Cirx, AFAIK, is the only person in the fleet, so far, who has a Vesta. Next time I see him I'll let him know that you're looking for ideas. I'll have my Vesta this weekend, so we'll REALLY get into it then. Wink

So far I'm thinking fleet phasers, cannons or beams. I'll make the decision between the 2 based on how snappy her turnrate is.
thank you, I could do with the help.
I would swap rear weapons with turrets. They benefit from the same boff abilities as cannons and are always firing so you'll get more overall dps methinks.
As far as a build and boff abilities go, it depends on what direction you want to take. I've got a slight debuff and crowd control focus on my build, as you can see here:
I'm planning one like this.
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AuxToBatt to lower cooldowns of abilities like DEM, VM, CRF and TBR, all of which work great with low aux, and run 2xtechnician, 2xsystems engineer and 1xdamage control doffs. I'd probably take three aux dhcs at the front, along with 2xturret rear and tractor/chroniton mines, perhaps.
I have enough hands on with the tac to offer some good advice now, winchester. Smile My experience with the Vesta was a bit of a letdown initially, then I got the shields to 15k, with EPtS and RSP to back them up. Now, well, she's CLOSE to being my favorite boat. That's saying something considering my HEC's abilities.