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Full Version: Engineer BOFF Skills and Build
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Just looking to get some advice. Essentially. I have been away from the game for a year and when I did play it was not much. I still consider myself a newb. At least I do understand what is useful to a certain extent. Was looking to get some advice on this build.

Not sure what tier two skills to get for my engineers. I am FTP and do not look to upgrade for a bit till I level up my character and can be sure that I will not be deploying or anything else for a while as I am in the Military.

Additionally, any advice on gameplay or anything else please let me know as I am sure it may help others as well. Thanks for all the help.
I don't have an engineer char to be honest, but looking over it I think that there is too little yellow in the Engineering section and too much red in Tactical. I have tactical chars and I don't have that many areas in to the red bars!

As an engineer you should be able to take a ton of damage and keep everyone else alive. It's not a hard and fast rule, but I think generally the defined roles work - an engineer can of course go for DPS, but I don't think that it would be as effective as a tactical char.

Actually, I just had a look at the Boff skills, and it seems you are after DPS, in which case I really have no idea!
Yeah I can see that. I was debating rolling the tactical skills to yellow but was unsure what actually works in Engineering. Looking at cost vs gain its hard to tell. Warp Core E and P do not give much beyond the green. And the later power skills have good return no matter the power level but are expensive. So i figured I would go into prior skills and and add levels.

What would be a suggestion? What works well or what works better that at first thought?
More skills for keeping alive that can be used on both you and others - I've never played an Engi so I don't know the best ones.

But one thing I would say, especially if you could get posted from time to time - consider going for the Life Time Subscription that is on sale at the moment at $199. If you were to buy 6 months at a time it's $78 for the 6 months, so it makes sense rather than paying a monthly sub when you aren't actually able to play it

And for the record, I'm not employed by Cryptic or anyone like that (or anyone at all, at the moment!) but I just think it's better value for you
Was thinking of this:

Essentially rolled the damage tactical skills back and increased threat control for more dam reduction.

Skills: Added ES and RSP at the tier two to help others and more survivability.

Increased shield power, armor from both sources. Have 1500 points left and I am not dead set on getting to 366000 spent. Will probably drop that near the end of leveling up somewhere. Does this seem a little better?

And switched to AP Delta since its for Dam Reduction.