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Full Version: Tray bug...
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I can't seem to get all my trays up at the same time. I've got two sets of 5 trays set up but the first two rows and the last two rows are always the same. If you look at the attachment, I'm trying to get the bottom two trays on the right set to 9 and 10 but if I flip them, row 1 and 2 move with them. Very annoying! Is this a common issue or is it just something up with my setup? !

I've messaged Cryptic via game mods and the bug people but have not received anything back from them (in fact I get more response from a black hole than Cryptic so thought posting here might give me at least some insight into what's going on).
If you see the numbers next to the tray lines that are the same, they are the same row. Use the little arrows above and below the number to change it. make sure none of them are the same. You have a 1 and 2 on both sides. Change the right ones to 9 and 10.
What he said.... also I would try not to have that many trays in use - I would personally find that hard to manage.

For me rows10 and 9 are my keybind slots (for doff spells) Once set up I do not look at them.

Row 1 is my main items device emergency support. Row 2 tends to be my specialisation Captain abilities etc and row 3 tends to be my rep/console spells and anything else i find useful. if i feel the need i will have row 5 and 6 vertical on the right hand side.
I think you misunderstand. The first two rows of the left side are always in sync with the last two on the right. If I flip one of them, the other flips with it.

9 and 10 are also my keybind set. It's just that I quite often mod them depending on the mission so I'd like to see them (also helps when keeping any eye on cooldowns. I'd like to have most of the right side for keybinds (or at least 'processes') and the left side for individual keypresses but this issue is preventing me from doing that.

If you look at this attachment, I've flipped the last but one row on the right from 1 to 10. Can you see the top row on the left flipped with it.
Ok. Thats a whole different issue. Try to reconsolidate the trays, set them, then seperate them again. If that does not work then Cryptic may be your last hope.

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Tried that. With two sets of 4, only one rows will be in sync. 3x2 works fine. 
Happens across all four captains I have too. So it's not a captain profile thing and it's not a ship thing either.

I'll give Cryptic another prod. Maybe I'll get a response this time.
Ok. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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FYI, due to the mountain of backlog and sheer amount of tickets, there is NO support given by Cryptic via in-game reporting systems. To get a response from them, you either have to catch their attention on the reddit forums, in their own forums, or file a report through and reference the in-game ticket numbers if you can get one.

The tray set #2 bug is a known flaw, and the intention of allowing more than 3 rows to show was so that players could have their strings all in one set.

What I've done with my stuff is use those two locked trays as my primary and secondary offensive strings right in the middle where i can see them for whenever I get tunnel vision/deadly focus, and then have the full set of strings off to the right corner with each string its own theme:

tray 9: evasive maneuvers/GTFO!
tray 5: primary offense
tray 7: secondary offense
tray 8: primary support
tray 6: secondary support/heals
tray 0: takedowns/specials
and then leave tray 1 unlisted for the weapons numberings, non-combat pets, and the speed and threat toggles. I almost never click the icons anyway anymore, since i have each tray bound to my ASDFG and spacebar.