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Full Version: Small S7 starbase update
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I found this little gem on the Tribble Patch notes from 2nd November!!!

"Reduced all Duty Officer input requirements on Fleet Starbase Projects
If a project previously required only White duty officers, the number required has been decreased .
If a project previously required a specific Specialization, it generally now requires a Department instead.
All Green, Blue and Purple quality requirements on Duty Officers were reduced to White quality requirements."

Take a look at that last point!!!

I don't know about you guys, but this might make things at the very least a bit easier!!!
Good catch, I completely overlooked that. It sounds like it should make things a whole lot easier for fleets.
Even the point above that will be a great help.
The Klingon fleet is very glad!


Two words: At last!

How often have I gone broke on ECs, have I reassigned underperforming DOFFs or even exchanged DOFFs in hopes of getting the necessary DOFFs for the Starbase projects? Too often! Thanks Cryptic. Smile