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Full Version: Post-Mirror Invasion - Dec'17
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This is Captain Fludicus of the ISS Adam Smith, now reporting from the USS King Washington.

Firstly, I am happy to report that Vauthil Station is now safe from further Mirror Invasions. Reman Captain Obisek sends his personal thanks to the Amarda for our invaluable contribution to the campaign.

Despite our success, I wish to reflect on the price we paid to achieve this victory. I cannot understate the loss of countless officers that gave their lives in the line of their duties. This does not exclude the courageous captains of countless doomed ships that entered the fray, many knowing that this was their final battle even before  their ships were destroyed by the Mirror invasion fleet.

On this sobre note, I wish to report on the fate of the ISS Adam Smith. She was unfortunately crippled by the full assault by the Mirror Dreadnaught ISS O'Brian. Our action drew the fire from the Alliance Fleet so that the ISS O'Brian was in turn attacked without much return fire, thus ensuring its destruction. 

Such was the extent of the damage on the ISS Adam Smith that I had to order my crew to abandon her in fear of a warp core breach. We were fortunate to see her salvaged in a post-battle recovery operation, but it does not change the fact that the ISS Adam Smith is now in no state to resume her duties to Starfleet.

As per procedure, my senior crew and myself have been reassigned to the Sovereign-Class USS King Washington. On our first Post-invasion assignment, we were unexpectedly sent to the Romulan Republic (possibly red tape or a mistake), but have been retained due to a lack of manpower within the Starfleet diplomatic mission. It also was of some fortune that Proconsul D'Tan was most pleased to see me, given the Adam Smith's previous contribution to the reconstruction of New Romulus.

As someone trained as a Tactical Officer, I find it hard to engage in the art of diplomacy, considering my expertise is in the art of destroying the Borg and the war we had with the Klingons. I do find myself curiously... comfortable with Proconsul D'Tan, who was very persuasive in showing me that my previous efforts to aid New Romulus was something to look upon with pride and build on. 

In a rare turn of events, the Romulan Republic was interested in a joint effort with Starfleet to study Breen technology acquired since the end of the Dominion War. In exchange, Starfleet was allowed to test out Romulan Plasma Weapons they installed on the USS King Washington. Thanks to this joint-experiment, The King Washington incorporates both Breen and Romulan technologies with amazing results, as evidenced by the battles against the Klingon and Gorn rebels. In fact, Proconsul D'Tan is open to allowing the USS King Washington to use the latest technology that the Romulan Republic has to offer, including some experimental weapons that may be of some... controversy.

We look forward to our continued efforts in assisting the Romulan Republic in our capacities as well as to consolidate the close relations between the Federation and the Romulan Republic.

Captain Fludico Meso Sudundus
USS King Washington