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Full Version: Monthly/Weekly PvE Queues.
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Monthly/Weekly PvE Queues.

Hi fleet,
I want to start a monthly event where I organise a variety of space and ground PvE Queues at Advanced level to help fleet members obtain Marks, fleet commendations and practice this area of the game.
I plan to alternate ground and space each month to give everyone a chance to maximise their fleet commendations and to practice a wide variety of these Queues. To begin with I will do these on a monthly basis and will consider making them weekly if there is enough interest.
I plan on starting these in the New Year.I am thinking of doing them either on a Saturday or Friday night (c. 8pm GMT/UTC). I will post the event once I have seen STO’s calendar for January and will try to avoid in-game events.

Please let me know if you are interested in this.
T. Live Long and Prosper
You know I am.
Thanks for setting this up Smile I'll definitely join whenever I can!

Just a heads up, I moved this thread to the Fleet Events forum.

I have decided to run the first PvE Space Advanced StFs on: 

Saturday 13th January 2018
At 20:00 GMT/UTC

I plan to run as many of the following as time allows:

The Cure Found
Infected: The Conduit
Khitomer: The Vortex
Borg Red Alert
Hive Onslaught
Borg Disconnected 
Others by request

By the end of this you will have at least 6/9 Space and Borg Specialist commendations.
Great! I've marked it on my calendar. Will you be hosting both Fed and KDF runs?
(12-29-2017, 03:39 PM)MichaelGill Wrote: [ -> ]Great! I've marked it on my calendar. Will you be hosting both Fed and KDF runs?

The teams needed to run these queues can be a mix of both factions
Indeed, just bring which ever character you enjoy the most Smile
That's great. I will bring my best toon to better assist in the kicking of butt.
If I'm not needed for something that day I may be able... I still need manus, stasis, or either cure to complete my borg warfare specialist commendation... 

2016 was pretty frigid asking for pre-arranged runs outside of the customary monthly meetings. Good to see that's thawing out.
Just want to touch base and confirm that this is still on. Haven't seen you in-game for a while. Hope you're ok.
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