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Full Version: Klingon Honor Feast Event 2017
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Calling all Klingon warriors and members of the Klingon Defense Force and STOA Legion and Brotherhood!

On November 18, 2017, STO Academy will be celebrating the Klingon Honor feast. We will commemorate this occasion with the eating of gagh, many cups of bloodwine, sharing tales of glorious battles past, and engaging in new battles against all enemies of the Empire.

I invite all STOA members to bring their KDF characters to the Legion starbase on that day at 1:00pm Eastern US time (what time is this where you are?), lasting approximately two hours. We can engage in some STFs, ground battlezone missions, colony events, or anything else to bring glory to ourselves and STO Academy.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there.

Edited to reflect the CORRECT date of November 18th.
My bat'leth is yours! For the glory of the Empire! For the glory of STOA!
It's the day before my birthday so the bloodwine will be flowing freely!

Looking forward to many glorious battles!
I now have a Klingon so I will be in attendance.
I'll try to attend.
bumping this so more people see Smile
I am so looking forward to this that I set an alert on my phone calander to remind me 30mins before start time.
I will do my best to come but if I can't have fun storming the castle.
My ship and it's warriors are ready for tomorrow!
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