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Full Version: A little tool for organizing Fleet events (time zone-related)
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Hi Guys,

since we have members around the globe, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to organize events.
There can be questions like "your event starts at 3 PM? That's fine, but 3 PM in what time zone?" et cetera.

To prevent that, I am using the services of for a while and I can only recommend it. They have a nifty litte Event Time Announcer that lets you enter an Event name, your location, a date, a time (at your location obviously) and a duration for the event.

The result shows two clocks with the Hosts time and date while the other one shows the time and date based on the Computer's/Device's location.

Best thing is that it also takes the different starts/endings of the Daylight Saving Time into account. So, if you copy the URL of the result and paste it in your event description here on the forums, everyone can quickly check out, when the Event is supposed to happen and theeby can easily determine if they can participate.

I hope this helps you as much as it helps me.

Live Long and Prosper