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Full Version: Er, hi again.....?! I'm not gone (yet)
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Um, Hi. It's just me, Kailath. I don't have much to say other than that some of you might have noticed my sudden absence from the Fleet fora and, more notably, from STO.

Just wanted to clarify: No, I didn't quit the STOA Fleet or STO. Here's what happened, for those who want the gritty details:a

on June 9th, I collapsed and was taken to the emergency department of the best hospital in my state. I was in a severe coma due to extensive, sudden massive liver injury/failure. I guess it had been building up for several weeks, but neither I nor my doctors noticed it: I was retaining a LOT of fluid, so my weight didn't change. Once the liver failed, I lost the water and along with it about 40--50 pouands (down to 100). It was kind of a vicious circle: I couldn't eat much or process nutrients b/c of my liver, and this (hidden) loss of tissue messed up my liver.

So I awoke in ER, cold and looking like a skeleton, no idea where I was. The doctor came to me, said I was in serious trouble, that thay were finally able to revive me but thought it would last for about 20 min -- after which they didn't know what would happen. He said my family was here, I said good-bye to them. (I had been in a coma, was freezing cold despite being covered by a ton of warm blankets, and thought for sure I had 20 min to live.)

But they were able to revive me, albeit in a dangerously weak state. I have little memory of what happened the next few days, except that once when a nurse tried to give me my medicine (i couldn't see), I thought I was doing a lop-sided trade on STO and refused! :roll: hehe

Next I was rushed to emergency surgery so they cpould remove my entire colon (it has dangerous pockets that could rupture any time. ultimately they had to refrain given my weak state, but I still might need emergency surgery if/when something happens.

A day or two I fell into ANOTHER, much worse coma, with my blood sugar down to almost zero, as well as my pulse. They had a VERY hard time getting me out of this, and apparently it took a long time. It was even more serious, for when I awoke, I couldn't understand where I was or anything. They thought they weren't going to revive me, I guess. But obviously they did, and after a couple weeks in the ICU, sent me home with nurse care.

Summary: I suffered severe liver injury for reasons not yet clear: Ithey went through my jugular all the way down to the liver to get biopsies, which they're still studying. meanwhile, several weeks of total immobility, combined with the severe weight loss (I could't eat or drink during much of my stay, which didn't help), caused me paralysis (temporary) and weakness. I'm just now barely starting to relearn to walk a little with a walker and assistance, and otherwise rely on the wheelchair. I can't sit in front of the computer, for my imbalance causes me to fall out of the chair. I might be able to get the wheelchair in there sometime soon, though. I hope so! I miss STO and you guys.

So after being dead/near death for a while a couple of times, enduring horrible chronic pain (added tp that a which I already had, along with my other major problems), and now being completely reliant on others to get around (nurses and therapists come to me home just about every day), things have obviously changed. I do hope to get back on STO and rejoin the STOA Fleet, that is if I remember how to play! Wink Unfortunately, I remain dangerously ill, extremely weak, and am being closely monitored -- I could still die soon, for my problems are profound. Oh well! I should have died many times over last fall for other reasons (severe pulmonary emboli + lung infarctions, i.a.). I guess I get to keep living here for a while longer. :|

Back to STO:

I had wanted to test season 4 on Tribble, but I guess it's suppposed to be on Holofeck soon.

Lastly, thank you for all the help you've given me. I'm glad to be a part of a nice, friendly community. Admiral: the new site design looks fantastic. Great job!

Sorry for rambling and for my sudden, unexplained disappearance. Aside from some relatives and my PhD supervisor/boss, I haven't any others to talk to who might care at all.

Attilio: feel free to delete if this is innapropiate. I don't wish to violate any forum rules. :o

Thanks again for your patience. I don't know how often I'll be able to get the forum, but I'll try.

--- Kailath
I'm sorry to hear what happened to you and believe me, I've thought about you after you "vanished". Just remember that as long as you are alive there is hope. STO and this fleet will be around for a long time so just work on getting your strength back. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Sorry to hear about your recent medical conditions. Take care of yourself and get better. As Attilio said we are going to be here for a long time, just concentrate on getting better. There will always be a home for you here in the fleet and we all missed you over the last few weeks. I'll say a little prayer for you and hope that you get better soon.
Thanks, guys; your words mean a lot. This is my first time actually sitting at my computer (though it's awkward being sideways and in a wheelchair!). Just when I thought no one IRL or anywhere knew or cared about my absence. Nice to have good, real friends here. Smile

Hope all is well with you and everyone else. I do wish my body would start recovering and that it won't take as long as my pathologists and surgeons predict (ca. >= year). I'm getting a little weary of waking up in hospital ERs and spending extended time in ICUs. (I'm barely hanging on to life, and just about everything that could go wrong has.) I certainly need some miracles or radical, unexpected healing.

FYI: If I do get on and disappear again, it's most likely going to be from emergency surgery for something they almost did during my recent two-week "vacation" in the ICU but couldn't b/c of my precarious condition (when your liver fails in addition to all my prior conditions and you suddenly drop to 100 pounds, it's hard enough staying alive. But certain things on my insides could still burst at any time, which would overrule that.) Regardless, I don't want any more metal clippers going down my jugular vein to reach my lower organs or coming up the other way! :cry:

BTW: I had wanted to give up after >2.5 years of organ after organ falling apart, but your words of encouragement brought me a little cheer and determination to try to keep on.

I might try to get on STO soon (though I won't have much time yet), for it appears everything's changed radically for Season 4. I saw a glimpse of Attilio's latest YouTube walkthrough — it looks like a new game! :o I hope Starfleet hasn't kicked me out and struck my ships to use as scrap metal/raw material, heheh. Wink
Thanks again.

-- Kailath


Sorry for my "Walls of Text" and ramblings. This is my only place to write! :?

I know its a bit of a late reply, but i've been busy with other stuff and haven't been able to check the forums. I will be praying for you and your family through these difficult times.

May God bless you, comfort you, and heal you as only He can.