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Full Version: Mal's Chair
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A fleet discussion cause I've talked about chairs in the past. This is an awesome chair for me, it's an honor to be your Tactical Admiral, but my greatest accomplishment was leveling the omega fleet.

That said I am planning on getting this chair, Long live STOA Omega!

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Out of respect, I wish everyone reading this to know that in no way am I taking full credit for the leveling of Omega or any other fleet. There were many who contributed, and I wasn't even the one that contributed the most!

It was an honor to lead all of you though, and I hope to continue to do so.

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Well, after all that back breaking work, you deserve a chair to sit in... just DON'T dribble bacon grease on it! lol
Literally lined the thing in teflon.

Added gel suspension too know...
Does it have a way to give the scent of bacon when Mal doesn't have bacon.
Bacon cologne.
Don't be ridiculous, Mal always has bacon.