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Full Version: Commendation Bar disappeared
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. commendation bar has disappeared and I can't seem to bring it back up or change my forum sig. Any suggestions? Or does anyone know why this is happening?
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The code for the ribbon bar is on your commendation page, just copy/paste into your forum signature.

If you create a fleet signature you should get the code as well. Do the same thing.
Hey Ginni Happy
Not to overstep our leader but since I still consider you a good friend, I wanted to add in some more detail. I took a look using the inspect element tool [ctrl][shift][i] and it looks like you need to have [ img ] handles on it like i figured out how to do when i first signed up many moons ago... haven't a clue why it did that... tldr, above my pay grade.... yadda yadda yadda Tongue

Anyways, they are there, just hiding.

copy and paste in this code into the "View Source" (the last icon that looks like a sheet of paper or [ctrl][shift][s]) part of the edit signature area here ( LINK )


Its the same coding i came up with for mine to render how i wanted it to look. this should get your ribbons and center alignment back like this:
[Image: gthibaudeau_10359.jpg]
[Image: MerriPayne.png]

Just remove each * that i had to add for you to see the code so you could copy/paste it.
see you on the weekend!
I had tried to do it the fleet site directed and it didn't take. I never worried about it until it inexplicably disappeared in the last few days. I'll try to fix it sometime this weekend when I'm not too tired to see straight. Thanks for y'alls help.