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Full Version: Newbie here with a question and intro.....
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First off, I am sorry for the larger font size. I sometimes have issues with my eyes.. I am currently at deep space 9 for the first time and I am doing a little mission called Temple Offerings. I need 10 Entertainment Provisions. I would like to know where to find these entertainment provisions. I've only been playing for about 2 weeks now. My brother got me hooked. I have always been a huge trekkie.

Since I am still getting use to things, I thought I would come here and ask that question and any advice you all may have. I am already a Captain lvl 29. Mostly in part and thanks to my brother. He's at the highest level and takes my through some of my missions. Then I go back and do them alone. Sometimes, I do the missons several times to pick up things to sell and make money. I make money well, but, not well enough. It's like a PayCheck, as soon as I make the money or (EC's) It's gone!!

Anyway, that's my intro and I hope to hear some good advice and an answer to my question soon.
Thanks in advance,
TheMidnightTango Smile
Go to inventory the click replicator scrol down to u find what your looking for or go to a vendor which is cheaper
Yeah, that's the thing. I haven't a clue what I am looking for. All I see is Food, Commodities, Consumables and A Hologram person. What is it that counts as an entertainment provision?
Flight Wrote:Go to inventory the click replicator scrol down to u find what your looking for or go to a vendor which is cheaper
I finally saw and found what you were talking about..Thank you. I can be a bit slow at times. But, I get it eventually! Thanks again, I appreciate it!
It's all about learning here - I remember when I was doing some diplomatic missions to help a planet in need, I'd leave the system and trek all the way back to ESD to get the things that they needed. Until someone pointed out that you can use the replicator to make it there and then!

There's no such thing as a stupid question
Although I would say that this question should have been in the general STO section, as it's a question about the game...........