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Full Version: Legion Colony Support Runs
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Warriors! Romulan Allies! The Legion Colony at Dranuur needs ressources. We have already asked the Federation for their assistance, but we need to do most of the work ourselves.

What shall we do exactly? Well, we start off with collecting necessary provisions. For this, the host shall stand ready to issue Fleet Map invites to the Legion Colony, so that you won't need to travel across the Galaxy. When that is done (shouldn't take more than 15 minutes), then we shall have fun doing some battle in this order:

Ground Scenarios / PvE Queues to earn provisions and Fleet marks:
  • Invasion Scenario right at the Legion Colony (only if provisions for it are available, for FMs and provisions)
  • Dranuur Beach Assault for FMs and provisions
  • Colony Invasion for FMs
  • Klingon Starbase Incursion for FMs
Space PvE Queues to earn more provisions and Fleet marks:
  • Dranuur Gauntlet for FMs and provisions
  • Klingon Starbase Blockade for FMs
  • Klingon Fleet Alert for FMs
  • Crystalline Catastrophe for FMs
The above list is not limited to it. Depending of the number of participants, the action may take place in Adventure / Battle Zones instead.

15 minutes prior to Event start, the host shall remind you on the global STOA chat channel and if needed grant Fleet map invites. The entire event shall take about two hours.

For honor, for glory, for the Legion and the Brotherhood!
P'Triq Marqus (aka TP)

EDIT: Initially I planned on doing these Events every Saturday and Sunday. However, personal life prevents me from doing that. So, I leave this thread open for others to pick up the idea und use it for the good of our Legion Armada.

Next run hosted by TP (lasts six hours): Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at 15:00 UTC. What's that in your time?


Had to update the info. Sorry Guys.


So, I totally forgot that nation-wide one-time holiday in Germany on Tuesday. I decided to use the time to host another Legion Colony support run. This one will take six hours, so you may jump in anytime during the timeframe between 1500 UTC and 2100 UTC (When is that for me?)
Sorry bro. I will be at work most of that time frame. I may be able to squeeze in right toward the end if there is still room.


Looks like today, I am one of the victims of the broken channel chat. Announced the Event no one reacted. PMs ingame were not received either. So, maybe another time then.
Sorry to hear that TP - hopefully they fix it soon