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Full Version: Weekly Battlezone Tour
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Hiya Fleet,

I'd like to float the possibility of running a weekly ground battlezone tour in order to introduce them to our newer players and for our older players to hone their ground combat skills. So much emphasis is placed in space combat when i feel that the ground component is  just as important. Please let me know if anyone would be interested in doing this.


I would be. I wish there were more group fleet activities.  I love to learn and participate.
Thanks! That's the spirit I like to see.

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Let's go dil hunting on voth ground battlezone

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Was thinking Defera for Omega swag and fleetmarks, Dyson for Dyson swag and dil, Undine for Undine swag and dil and Badlands for Terran swag and dil

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I'm where ever you are. lol.
If I could make it I’d definitely join!

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Not to be nitpicky, but there is no Undine Ground Battle Zone. Also, since this is a fleet matter, it should have been posted either here or there.

Also you should specify if this is going to be Feds only or switching between Feds or KDF. You know, because there is no cross-faction-teaming in Adventure / Battle Zones.

That said, if there are KDF runs, I gladly join you.

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Please allow me to clarify. PT you make some valid points. I erroneously added the Undine BZ along with the other ground battlezones i listed. Undine BZ is a space one. Also I had failed to list which faction I was speaking about being either Fed or KDF. It was my intent to run ground battlezone runs for both however I wanted to get a feel for how many people would be interested in doing this. After I was sure that people would want to do this, I would decide on which faction (Fed or KDF) would run on which night.

I appreciate everyone who has responded that they are interested. Hopefully I can get a few more so we can have full teams on both the Fed and KDF side.
I haven't seen an update on this is a while. Are you still considering organizing these? I don't believe a lot of the fleet actually uses this forum often. Maybe it would better to send out a fleet wide mail in game or have some one mention in the monthly mail that's sent out.
 I hope to hear more on this soon.
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