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Full Version: Dranuur Colony Fleet Holding
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Just what we need!

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I honestly look forward to team efforts in order to collect some ressources at the colony wolrd instead of "wasting" fleet credits on yet another set of provisions.

However, this being a Tier 5 facility with a primary and three subtracks I estimate a completion time in the Legion of about 18 months.

You know what that means, right? It's time to resurrect the Legion runs on Defera! Big Grin
"Kentari Bridge Officer Candidates

  • Engineering, Science, and Tactical variants available for recruitment

  • Special Kentari Racial Trait = Kentari Ferocity (Space)
    • Each time you defeat an opponent, gain a stacking damage boost"

SRO equivalent?
But it looks so pretty.  I wouldn't mind more stuff to spend dill on. I just have to figure out how to search for stuff that i always seem to be lacking when I try to donate. I also wouldn't mind more ideas for bridge officers.
This will be my first time around on helping build a fleet holding. I am looking forward to the learning process. How I can be useful somehow.