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I am fairly new to the fleet. I have made several attempts on the in-game chat as well as the Discord chat to connect with other fleet members, but have had very little success. I would like to become as active in this fleet as I possibly can. If any veterans out there could offer any advise on ways to be more active and included I would truly appreciate it. I look forward to being a productive member. Happy
Hi and welcome! Can I just check you are using the STOA private in game channel? Make sure you say hi and if you can get on at circa 8pm British Summer Time then I am normally on
I've been on but still not making contact. I am using the (STO Academy) channel in game chat. I did send you a shout out on Discord fleet chat. Smile
During what times do you normally play?
I am usually on weeknights between 5 and 10p eastern time USA. I occasionally play on the weekends but it varies as time allows.
Hello here I am a new guy too...

I look to seing you round too...
Hi Codius1988. Look forward to meeting you as well. I hope we can serve on missions together soon.
Look like you are not on when I am playing Sad
(09-12-2017, 04:09 PM)Trudard Wrote: [ -> ]Look like you are not on when I am playing Sad

Sad  Maybe I can modify my schedule. I need guidance so I am willing to make effort to do so. What time zone are you in and when do you normally play? I will see if I can work this out.
I am on most days from 5pm to 8pm British Sumer time. There is activity during this time period and later into the night(after I have gone to bed).
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