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If there were ever another TV series what would be the a good direction to go? I am thinking of something more along the lines of the 29th century and the temporal prime directive.
If they make another series I don't think they should jump that far ahead into the future. It should take place after voyager with the enterprise f as the main ship. We've seen a reference to all enterprises in the shows and movies so it should continue that way. The enterprise J is a 26th century ship so by going to the 29th century they'll be skipping over a whole bunch of enterprises.
That would be ideal, but with the logic of Hollywood (if any) they would probably do a re-boot of TNG or TOS. I don't mind only if something comes out and it is well written.
I've heard that if they make another series it will probably be enterpise f
I think a re-make of ToS would be pretty cool - I really enjoyed the new film, so it could work if it was well done (IF!).

On a side note, when I read Enterprise F it makes me think of Axel Foley. That would be an interesting way to go for the voice of the ship's computer...........
I used to spitball ideas for a new Star Trek series with a friend of mine. We wanted to tackle some of the issues we had with the other more recent series. For instance: Voyager had a ship isolated far away from support, and while it was often mentioned it never actually seemed to be a problem. Enterprise stuck to the episodic format to such a religious extent that character development was limited and long-term storylines were uncommon.

We wanted to set a series on a ship that wasn't top of the line at the start of the show (or was in poor repair, partially refitted, etc), had a more eclectic crew (ie. not 95% humans and 5% aliens...), and wasn't obsessed with fixing huge problems. The show would have a strong intrigue element, featuring section 31, and deal with the Federation recovering after the ruinous Dominion War, trying to hold its territories together in the face of opportunistic crime and troublesome cultures.

In our vision, the protagonist would be an idealistic medical officer, transferred to the ship in question to act as its chief medical officer, and who is disappointed to find the ship somewhat decrepit, an unhappy and unruly crew, and an unstable captain, all scarred by the war and various troubles. Over time, as the characters develop and their problems are solved, the ship would be gradually improved as well, mirroring their transformations. Traditional Star Trek elements wouldn't be forgotten, such as culture clashes with strange alien worlds, solving problems through quick-thinking and clever maneuvering, and a crew with involved personal stories and different approaches to challenges. We particularly wanted to avoid: solving every problem by science (stop re-aligning the deflector dish, it's had enough), having little continuation from one episode to the next (sir we've suffered extreme damage! don't worry, next week we'll be fine), and the federation always being 'right' (people make mistakes.. it's how they fix them that matters).

I could go on.
Haha yes, well, you can tell which Star Trek series was my favourite. I could gibber on and talk about how things would be different, but I think I've given an overview. Actually yes, what I've outlined above sounds way too much like DS9, although I insist it would differ.
Please no more reboots, need something more original. Something based off of Section 31 would be a good start, then you could introduce new characters, races and ships, namely the Enterprise F. Just a thought.
Star Trek - Mirror. Can actually go a bit crazy with the ideas and rather than it being getting aliens to San Francisco to sing Kumbaya around the replicator, you get a bit of a different beast...................
an interesting thought...

but i rather suspect that may... iratate a lot of die hard trekkies just a touch....