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Full Version: Acting Rear Admiral Program
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Greetings fleet!

The Admiralty is pleased to announce that we are once again looking for Rear Admirals! And this time, we intend to do it through the "Acting Rear Admiral" Program.

Rear Admirals are third in command of the STOA and members of it's Admiralty!

-What is the Acting Rear Admiral (ARA) Program?-
The ARA Program is an initiative by the Admiralty to help members earn enough commendations to become full Rear Admirals, while also being trained in the position. As an ARA you will hold the rank of Rear Admiral and be expected to behave and perform the same duties as a Rear Admiral.

By the end of the Program, you should have earned at least the 12 necessary commendations to hold the full rank!

-What are the requirements?-
You must be a Fleet Captain, and have the Federation Citation of Merit/Empire Citation of Stature and/or the STOA Bronze Citation of Enrichment.

-What if I have the requirements for full Rear Admiral?-
You can also apply for the full post! Just use the same application form at

More details and the application form can be found on the fleet website (!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message me!