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Full Version: The Endeavor System - A first glimpse on Tribble
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With the release of Season 13.5 on July 18th, 2017 the Endeavor System is going live. So, I thought I take a look.

Right above your Mission tracker, you will see one Endeavor task. There were up to 15 at once on Tribble for testing purposes. However, there will be only one at a time on Holodeck, when this goes live. It may look something like this:

There are a multitude of different tasks ranging from damage dealing to healing, destroying certain types of ships, etc. Here's a list of what may become available:

When you completed an Endeavor task, you will receive an Endeavor Prize Pack:
Now, I think that this is still subject to change. On Tribble, the rewards seemed to be extremely random, like in the range of lock boxes opening probabilities. In one I got 1,000 Dilithium with 50,000 EC and some R&D materials, while in the next one I got another 1,000 Dilithium with 300,000 EC and some R&D materials. So anything from Dilithium, EC, Marks, R&D Materials and Spcialization Point XP is possible. By the way, the Mark boxes and the Spec Points are bound to account.

Personally, I like this. It kinda answers your question of "What to do next". However, I think they should drop the "Deal <amount> <damage type>" tasks. I would hate to switch gear for those.
This is brilliant, I knew this would be great.

Thanks TP for putting this together!

Definitely makes endgame a bit more interesting, good for lower level players maybe looking for something different to do while leveling tediously, and especially good for the 50-60 grind lol

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(07-12-2017, 07:36 PM)James Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks TP for putting this together!
You're most welcome. Wink
Great work, padders

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By the way, I just found out, that the Mark boxes as well as the Spec Points (only 1/4 at very rare btw) are bound to account. I updated the OP accordingly.

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Just finished the first one - destroying borg vessels.  I think it is a superb way of engaging the player base.  

It would be good to expand the system and make collective goals like the have in Dying Light where every person in the game contributes to, for example, killing 10 million borg ships.  I we achieve it everyone who participated gets a bonus or something new is released.
This looks quite promising.

Anything that helps engage the playerbase in new ways can't be too bad a thing, especially if the rewards are decent.

Interesting that the EC rewards seem to be quite high. Hopefully that helps with smoothing out the EC economy a little.
Thanks for the information, it does look like fun.  I always like new stuff in the game.
Already received two packs and it's so worth it! From EC to marks to R&D and whatever else they decide it's a nice treat.
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