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Full Version: Upcoming additions to the Space HUD
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So, I read this in the most recent Tribble Patch Notes:
  • UI:
    • Power Tray Updates:
      • Added support for up to 10 rows or columns to the space power trays.
      • Added support for rotating both power trays by 90 degrees and for two horizontal trays or two vertical trays.
      • The space power tray settings will now be hidden when clicking outside of the buttons.
      • The space power tray settings now indicate which settings are active.
      • Added a separate option to toggle the "Fire All" buttons independent of how many tray rows there are.
        • If a single tray row is selected, then it will only show "Fire All Weapons".
        • The "Fire All" buttons are only available for horizontal trays.

This is awesome for some of us. Some of us (me included) prefer to have more than just the three horizontal trays, so we added the vertical ones as well. The result however looks odd:

So I got excited and immediately checked this out on Tribble.

As you can rotate the trays, you can now have two sets of horizontal or vertical trays, if you prefer to do so:

However, it probably makes more sense to have just one set either fully expanded or adjusted to fit ones needs:

I'm very looking forward to this. How about you?
I'm glad their optimising what they can - in this instance it won't make much of a difference to the way I have things as I tend to use the bridge officer bar.

I might give it a try though to see how I feel about it. If it makes things easier to use then absolutely

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I also use the boff bar, but find that 3 bars is not enough at times. Having this option is a very nice addition.

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That would make it easier on the eyes to have the 6 rows instead of 3 and 3, but i'm still concerned on if it'll do anything for UI lag.

(cryptic needs to let us toggle off teammate's powers icons... that's where most of my lag still resides...)
I agree.... 3 rows just isn't enough and being able to rotate the verticle bars is definitely a plus!.  gonna have to fiddle with the UI now to see what works best. Thanks for the updates!
oh boy looks like I'm going to be spending hours being completely OCD over the exact placement of my HUD items again =/ 

Annoyingly though I find I only need another maybe three or four extra slots and hate having massive rows (or columns) of blank boxes so will probably not bother adding more obscure abilities in the end