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I am looking to get the Lifetime Account. I currently have a Free to Play Account that I have had since '13, its has a single Lv 60. So here is my Question, do I add the Lifetime to this Free to Play Account or do I start a whole new account and have 2 accounts. I am looking for the Pro and Cons of both ways. I cant find any UTube videos, I have only glanced around here and at the Arc Forums and don't see any real help. Any ideas? thanls
It's an upgrade to your current account. There is no need to start a new account.

Simple sign into the website and follow the steps for purchase

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Like James already said, do it on your current account. There are Lifetime Subscription sales every now and then. I'd wait for those, as they will save you around 100 USD / EUR.
Yeah definitely wait for the sale - I got mine for £140 back in the day through a sale if I remember correctly. An absolute steal and is more than paying for itself

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BEST time to get a Lifer card is during the Black Friday discounts in November... loads of stacking discounts then.
Just in case the OP is still interested, there's currently a sale going on for the lifetime subscription. Just thought I'd pass on the news.
I bought the lifetime......will definitely save me a ton of money in the long run.
Even though I didn't play for a while, it keeps my zen saving up plus all the other rewards (t6 heavy destroyers) for when I do play for a bit again

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Buying lifetime gets you an instant captain's yacht and ship requisition as well.
Are the T6 destroyers worth it - especially the Fed one?  Is it going to be any better than a Fleet T6 Arbiter - you don't see many flying around and I can't figure if it is because so few people are life-time accounts or that the ships just are not that great. 

I'm definitely hanging on for this coming black friday - seems like now is the time for me to commit to this game in a big way for various reasons.
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