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James Lee posted 2 new screenshots of the new Vesta class vessel coming in Season 7!!!!

It has already been denoted as a Science Vessel, but looks like it could have some very nice engineering attributes, as it looks like a VERY NICE cruiser!!!

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It looks really good if I was a sci guy I would get it
I don't think I'll get any new ships till this arrives Smile

Confusedhock: The first link looks like a cruise ship. Smile

zimm out
Stats are out, looks pretty.. overpowered! Well, maybe not - they are kinda squishy - but yikes I don't want to see what tac characterscan do in them (tac buffed repulsors + viral matrix + dhcs....).
So you tell me it's out but no link - that's just very cruel, SeedyG Smile

As for overpowered, it has far more crew, but the shield multiplier is the same as my mirror recon and the hull is less - if I remember correctly.

However, the hanger bay makes it VERY interesting - like a mix of the recon science and the Atrox carrier!

Looking forward to seeing how long I have to save my Zen for Smile
Just reading more on it - so it's 2.5k Zen, pretty normal, but 5 months to wait!

I still think that's it's trying to be a jack-of-all-trades and I feel a little put out by that - there are so many Fed ships for the tacs and the engineers, but very few very decent science ships. The oddy science is too limited and isn't really very tasty at all, the Atrox has so few Boff spots and is more a carrier than a science ship. But there are plenty for the other people.

So why when they can really make a decent science ship they again cater to everyone? I know the ship is a multi purpose one, but then make it so (ha!) rather than having 3 variants (to get the zen, maybe? Cynical, maybe?)

DHCs on a science just seem a little odd, too. Although seeing as the deflector is handy to be pointing at the target it makes sense, but it's not going to take too much damage and so might end up being as poor to use as the Chimera seems to be (will make another thread about that!) as it just gets torn to shreds much too easily.

With my KDF char coming on nicely and the thoughts of rolling a tac Fed char, I really think Monty will be collecting dust/doffing until they get a really good ship going - and I don't think that the vesta is it.
Current issues with Science ships are less to do with the ships and more to do with the boff options, and the weakness of CC in a number of PvE scenarios. The Vesta isn't crushingly overpowered, but you will be able to do some really ruinous things in it. Danubes are arguably the most devastating hanger pet that feds can access, for instance - and they come as standard.
So! Does anyone have any builds in mind for it?

The (provisional) details can be found here:
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And some discussion in a podcast here:
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I'm seriously considering getting the three-pack but I don't know if I can justify it. I'm pondering an aux-to-batt + Viral Matrix based shutdown build, a mad particle generator-based damage build, and maybe something weird with transphasics (the shield bypass is 40% now!)....