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Full Version: Competitive Wargames Reputation Items
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Hi Guys,

here is an overview for you about all Set Items, Traits and Consumables from the Competitive Wargames Reputation as it was available on the Tribble Test Server on April 14th, 2017. Keep in mind that those things may always be subject to change.

Good man yourself TP.

I would love to see these with some sort of special "PvP" proc - but alas I don't think they'll ever do that!


Well, having a weapon that decreases an enemy's CritH by up to 25% is pretty special to me. Wink
The weapon is pretty sexy especially when you're mowing down two or more borg lined up with the same shot as both kinetic and Tetryon damage that they can't adapt to.
hmm do you think this stuff is going to become meta or just get left by the wayside like a lot of the reputation stuff (besides obviously the iconian set)
well, it's designed with boosting pvp in mind, so it wouldn't exactly be able to be meta in PVE outright since the two operate with different math. certain items are great, like the ground weapon and the space heavy weapon, but as a full set, still not as good as ico 4 piece IMO. (its +25% damage with radiant subatomic pulse really keeps me on board with Ico)