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Full Version: Happy Birthday Attilio!
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Our Glorious leader celebrates his birthday today!

Today he turns 68! We're so very happy for you.

EDIT: I guess I'm "proud" to be your Number 1...
Nearly 70! Wow! That's experience!

Happy Birthday your Leadership!

Whoa whoa whoa, I'm 172. We Vulcans age gracefully.

Thanks! Big Grin

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Happy B-Day Admiral! 
Also, it looks like they made an Action Figure of you:  Tongue

[Image: oldfart_1.jpg]
Happy Birthday Attilio  *hugs*

I hope it is a great day.
Attilio who???? Anyways.....
Happy Birthday!, hope you enjoy lots of cake!
Thanks everyone! Just for the record, I'm 30.
What he means is, he "feels" 30...Such a zest for life!
LOL it's the opposite. I'm 30 and I feel 68 Big Grin
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