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Full Version: Comments on Raifin's Mirror Deep Space Science Vessel
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I'm curious, do you have a more recent build for this baby we can see, Chris?
I'd replace the duel beam with a heavy hitting, slow cd torp - you don't often need to go face-on, only to fire your deflectors like Rift and GWell, then back on to broadside.
I was pondering earlier:

The boff layout for these ships makes them reasonably good support ships, and yes, focusing on weapon damage is unlikely to reward you. However, you can ruin an enemy ship's day very nicely indeed.

Something like this: <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""> ... tdown_1615</a><!-- m -Arrow

Could be very hilarious in shutting an individual bad guys. This would work best with a purple technician duty officer or two (to reduce the cooldown of your abilities like Viral Matrix..), and a pair of systems engineers (to make your Viral Matrices horrifying). You could include a more defensive duty officer as well like the shield distribution officer, if you felt like.

Anyway, this would let you blitz your abilities (ie. healing/viral matrix on singles/repulsors for any large groups of mobs in the wrong place) pretty regularly, would work fine with the build above (although you might want to trade the dbb for a chroniton torp - they are great), and work fine with phased tetryon (although I still think tetryons are a bit.. naff).
Yup, 125 is the max for weapons power, and the +15 weapons power perk renders plasma dist. consoles moot. As far as function, look at any number above 100 (the green portion) for weapons power as a power capacitor. Meaning that extra bit is allowing your weapons initially to fire closer to their ratings.

I tend to SET weapons power at 95% so as to increase survivability by dumping the spare 5% into my shields. The tradeoff, for me, is worth it. From here I try to augment other systems (eng and aux), that are ship appropriate, with consoles.
Yup, 125 is the shiznit if you can get it. Keep up the good work, sir. Smile
I think that's right, yeah. Emergency power to weapons is a good boost when you use Fire at Will.